Which area does Care Trainings Cover:

We operate in and around London. We provide training in Central London and Greater London. We cover a wide geographical areas, our trainers have provided training in Chelmsford, Kent, Cambridge and various other towns. Please call on 07861369701 and we will be able to tell if we can provide training in your area.

Do you provide same day Certificate?

At Care trainings we strive hard for greater customer satisfaction. All the certificates are provided on the same day. In case of full day training Certificates are provided the very next day.

Do you provide In - House Training?

We provide training at a venue of your choice. Our highly qualified trainers can provide training at your organisation Or we can book a  suitable venue ( extra cost of booking venue).

Do you give trainings on weekends?

Care Trainings is committed to provide the training which is best suited for our clients. We do provide Trainings on all 7 days a week including weekends and late evenings.

How long does it take to provide Care Certificates?

Care certificates are provided in 8-12 weeks depending on how much time Carer can provide.
With our unlimited support and guidance we ensure that staff gets Care Certificate within maximum of 12 weeks.

The training I want is not listed on the website?

In case you want a training which is not mentioned on our website please call on 07861369701 and we will make arrangements for the training you require.